Kashmiri Wild Garlic (Jangli Lahsun)


Kashmiri Wild Garlic (Jangli Lahsun): Foraged from the Enchanting Valleys, Nature’s Pungent Elegance Adding Distinctive Flavour and Aroma to Your Culinary Creations.



Heaven’s Kashmiri Wild Garlic is handpicked from the untouched wilderness, where it thrives in the pure air and fertile soil of the Kashmiri landscapes. The wild garlic leaves are vibrant green, and their unique, pungent aroma sets them apart, making them a prized ingredient in Kashmiri cuisine.

Flavor Profile:

  1. Robust Garlic Flavor: Jangli Lahsun boasts a bold and authentic garlic flavor, more intense than its cultivated counterpart, adding depth to your culinary creations.
  2. Aromatic Notes: The wild garlic leaves release aromatic notes that elevate the overall sensory experience, making them a must-have for connoisseurs of exquisite flavors.
  3. Versatile Culinary Application: From soups and stews to traditional Kashmiri dishes, the wild garlic adds a distinctive touch to a variety of recipes.


  1. Kashmiri Cuisine: Incorporate Heaven’s Kashmiri Wild Garlic into traditional Kashmiri dishes like “Morel Yakhni” or “Haak Saag” for an authentic and aromatic flavor.
  2. Soups and Stews: Enhance the flavor profile of your soups and stews by adding chopped or crushed wild garlic leaves, infusing them with a unique and robust taste.
  3. Saag and Curries: Prepare flavorful saag or curries by blending wild garlic into the base, creating a rich and aromatic sauce.
  4. Marinades: Use crushed wild garlic leaves in marinades for meats or vegetables, infusing them with the bold flavor of Kashmiri wilderness.
  5. Condiments: Create flavorful condiments, such as chutneys or pestos, by incorporating wild garlic for a zesty and aromatic kick.

Heaven’s Kashmiri Wild Garlic” is not just a culinary ingredient; it’s a connection to the untamed beauty of Kashmir’s landscapes. Bring the bold and authentic flavors of the wilderness to your kitchen with this exquisite wild garlic, and let the essence of Kashmir unfold in your culinary creations.

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